Mai 1968 Street Poster: Notre Lutte Continue. Poster created during the Paris uprising in May,1968
Paris: Atelier Populaire, 1968. Screenprint on paper; 37.5 x 30 inches; Stamped. Very good.

Street Posters from the Paris uprising of May 1968, Created at Atelier Populaire at the Ecole des Beaux Arts In May 1968, pent-up frustration over poverty, unemployment, the conservative government of Charles de Gaulle, and opposition to the Vietnam War created an incendiary environment that led to a mass movement for sweeping social change. In Paris, workers and students took to the streets in an unprecedented wave of protests, walkouts and strikes that paralyzed the French capital and nearly drove de Gaulle from office. Amidst this chaotic background the Atelier Populaire (Popular Workshop) was spontaneously created at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Students and faculty convened in the printmaking department, and were joined by artists, workers and other individulas who had come together in the protest movement. Working quickly, under the cover of night, the posters they produced were simple, direct, and visually striking. They were produced in small batches and printed on thin paper. Most were carried in demonstrations, distributed by striking workers, and plastered on walls throughout the city. Few survive intact.

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